Motorcycle Accidents

Many motorcyclists take advantage of Florida’s roads to enjoy a ride. Some wear protective gear — like helmets, long leather clothing, and boots — to protect themselves from the dangers of the road and other motorists. However, when a motorcycle crash occurs, these efforts may do little to protect the motorcyclist. Perry & Young, P.A., provides dedicated help to injured motorcyclists and seeks full compensation for their injuries. Were you or a loved one injured in a motorcycle accident? Call Perry & Young, P.A., at 850-215-7777 to get legal advice and schedule your free confidential consultation with an attorney.

Seeking Full Compensation For Victims Of Motorcycle Accidents

Based in Panama City and representing clients throughout northern Florida, Perry & Young, P.A. can provide you with compassionate, dedicated, and experienced representation and sound advice regarding your motorcycle accident claim. You may have heard Perry & Young, P.A., discuss insurance issues on several local talk shows or heard about their reputation for delivering personal service and results to their clients. Regardless of how you learned of our services, you should call our office for trusted, experienced legal assistance for your motorcycle accident injury claim.

When a motorcyclist collides with a car, truck, bus, or other moving vehicle, the victim usually suffers a very serious injury or even death. Although this is a difficult time for you and your family, you should retain counsel as soon as possible to ensure the integrity of the accident scene, secure witness testimony, and begin the preparation of your claim. Perry & Young, P.A., is sympathetic to your tragedy and genuinely concerned for your well-being. We have unfortunately seen situations over our years of experiences where families did not receive fair or just compensation because they waited too long to act.

Caring, Compassionate Representation Designed To Get You Results

To learn information about Florida laws or to discuss your motorcycle crash with an experienced personal injury lawyer, schedule a free consultation and case evaluation by calling us at 850-215-7777 or filling out our intake form. Our service, dedication, and track record of success are our legacy.

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