Vigorous Advocacy For Car Accident Victims

Panama City Car Accident Lawyers

Finding a lawyer for legal advice is essential when you or a loved one are involved in a car accident. With PIP (Personal Injury Protection) and no-fault insurance laws in a state of flux, it is no wonder Florida’s insurance laws are confusing to many injured in a car accident. Additionally, many motorists are out of state and carry insurance policies from their home states. Whether you are a Florida resident or from out of state and have been injured in a car accident in Panama City, the lawyers at Perry & Young, P.A., can help. We can give legal advice to navigate the complexity of insurance laws and coverage issues.
Have you or a loved one suffered a personal injury from a car accident in Panama City? Call Perry & Young, P.A. attorneys at 850-215-7777 to schedule your free consultation and get legal advice.

Seeking Maximum Compensation For Panama City Car Accident Victims

With law firms in Panama City, Panama City Beach, Marianna, and Tallahassee, the attorneys at Perry & Young, P.A., represent car accident and personal injury victims throughout the northern Gulf Coast and Florida Panhandle.

Whether you have a soft tissue injury such as whiplash, a herniated disk, or a more serious personal injury, you need to understand that the insurance company and claims adjuster are not your friends and are not looking out for your interests. They are paid to give you the most minor compensation possible and to look out for their bottom line. One leading insurance company’s claims manual states that someone who has an attorney can net three to five times the amount of money as someone who is unrepresented.

Caring, Compassionate Representation Designed To Get You Results

Put an experienced personal injury attorney from Perry & Young, P.A., to work for you. The sooner you retain an attorney, the better because auto accident scenes change, witnesses disappear or forget, and cars and property are repaired or destroyed. In addition, the laws are changing, and insurance policies can be challenging to interpret. We will protect your legal and financial interests. We are dedicated to maximizing your recovery and helping you get through the devastation caused by a car accident or fatal car crash.

Free Consultation — Get Legal Advice Today

If you have been in a car accident in Panama City, want to know about Florida motor vehicle laws, need assistance handling an insurance claim, or want to ensure that you have representation from an experienced attorney with your best interests at heart. Please schedule a free consultation and get free legal advice by calling us at 850-215-7777 or filling out our intake form. We will fight for you.

For safety resources, visit the FLHSMV website to read about protocols for safe driving.

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