Daycare Accidents? Our Attorneys Represent Victims of Daycare Accidents

Medical Care And Compensation For Injured Children

It’s the call every parent dreads: To hear that their child has suffered an accident when entrusted to the care of a day care facility.If you have answered that call, Perry & Young, P.A., is here to help. We are a team of experienced personal injury attorneys who work hard to help injured children get medical care and compensation.Our law firm represents children who have suffered injuries as the result of:

  • Falls
  • Dangerous toys
  • Defective play equipment
  • Assaults by staff or other children
  • Other types of day care accidents

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Medical Care And Compensation For Your Injured Child

Children’s bodies heal differently from those of adults. This has significant implications for both the medical regimen and a plaintiff personal injury lawsuit involving a child. Our law firm has represented numerous children who have suffered injuries as the result of accidents.

When representing you, we will work closely with your child’s doctor and other medical specialists to learn about your child’s medical needs. We have a nurse on staff who will monitor the care your child is receiving. We are committed to helping your child obtain all of the medical care and rehabilitation services he or she needs to recover.

When representing you, we will also take measures to spare your child from the disruptions of the legal process. It is highly unlikely that your child will have to appear in court or make legal depositions. Our focus will be to obtain the financial resources that can help your child rebuild his or her life.

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