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There are a lot of boats and personal watercraft in Florida. The state also has a significant number of boat-boat, boat-buoy, and boat-land collisions. Many of those boating accidents are caused by the negligence of fellow boaters and Jet Ski operators. Poor design and manufacturing also result in dangerous engine failures, fires, and sinking. When this happens, it is important to find legal aid.

A much-anticipated weekend of rest and relaxation can quickly turn into tragedy. Operating a boat over open waters presents risks. When boat operators and nearby Jet Skiers are impaired while traveling at significant speeds, serious and sometimes fatal injuries are often the result.

Boat owners have a responsibility to follow Florida statutes to ensure the safety of passengers and others on the water. They must operate their watercraft safely and not under the influence and adhere to international navigation rules. Falling short can lead to injury and death.

At Perry & Young, P.A., our lawyers attend to every detail in all types of motor vehicle accident claims, gaining a comprehensive knowledge that rivals our thorough understanding of the law. Injuries carry more than emotional and physical pain. Our clients are dealing with significant financial burdens. We look out for their best interests and maximize their compensation.

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