Falling Objects

A visit to a store can end in tragedy. Poorly placed items on a shelf or a highly stacked product display can present hidden and unexpected dangers. Store owners and outside vendors have a responsibility to ensure that proper storage and marketing do not create hazards. In-depth investigations are vital in holding negligent property owners accountable. Larry Perry, the founder of Perry & Young, P.A., is a former legal investigator for insurance companies. Over four years, he visited accident sites, conducting detailed reconstruction and analysis. His hands-on experience is combined with a thorough knowledge of Florida insurance laws.
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Premises Liability Lawyers Holding Store Owners Accountable For Falling Objects

“Stack ’em high and sell ’em cheap” is a marketing model stores use to turn a profit. A large amount of cheaply manufactured products in stock needs to be moved, significantly lowering the price. Per item, the profit is small, but the high volume of sales makes up for it.

However, the higher products are stacked in a display, the more likely it is that objects will fall from great heights. Significant head and neck injuries can result. Heavier items that fall can be fatal to an unwitting customer.

Identifying the responsible party for the falling object is the first step in building a premises liability claim. An employee may have been following the orders of an owner or manager. An outside vendor could have been following strict instructions in building displays and showcasing products properly.

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