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The Tallahassee bus accident attorneys at Perry & Young know that public transit accidents can cause undeserving injuries to blameless parties. Transportation authorities in the Florida Panhandle have expanded their services in recent years. Many nonprofit institutions have also been formed to provide disabled and elderly people with transportation options. However, the increased number of public transit vehicles has also increased the likelihood of bus accidents in the region. At Perry & Young, P.A., we provide results-oriented representation for Panama City bus accidents,  Tallahassee, Marianna, and Panama City Beach. This includes passengers in these vehicles, pedestrians and bicyclists hit by buses, and drivers and passengers in vehicles hit by public transportation buses. Our firm seeks to maximize the compensation our clients receive and help them recover to the fullest extent possible after these kinds of motor vehicle accidents. We represent people who have suffered harm in accidents involving vehicles from these and other public transportation providers in the Florida Panhandle:
  • StarMetro
  • Bay Town Trolley
  • JTrans
  • Big Bend Transit
  • The Wave (Okaloosa County Transit)
  • LCT (Liberty County Transit)
  • School bus transportation providers

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Few if any public transit passengers use seat belts. This can increase the possibility of serious injuries, including brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, broken bones, whiplash, and internal injuries.

In addition to conducting a comprehensive investigation of the accident to determine causation and liability, we will focus much of our work on identifying your medical needs. In conversations with your doctor or other medical providers, we will learn about your medical and rehabilitation needs. We also have a case nurse on staff who will monitor your recovery and the treatment you are receiving in the hospital or in outpatient clinics. Our goal will be to help you obtain the financial resources that can pay for needed care, plus compensation for other economic and noneconomic losses

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