Insurance and Bad Faith Claims

Insurance and bad faith claims can be frustrating. Although you are the one paying the premiums, the insurance companies represent their shareholders, not you. Their goal is to maximize the return for their shareholders and accomplish this by trying to avoid paying claims. In those instances where payment cannot be avoided, they strive to pay as little as possible and delay payment for as long as possible. The maxim of most insurance companies is: “Delay, Deny and Defend!” Because of this, it is important to contact an insurance and bad faith claims attorney sooner rather than later to ensure favorable outcomes for your case. To learn more, schedule a free consultation online. The go teams at Perry & Young are also available 24/7 by calling (850) 215-7777. 

Insurance and Bad Faith Claims Attorneys

The insurance and bad faith claims attorneys at Perry & Young, P.A have offices in Panama City, Panama City Beach, Marianna, and Tallahassee to serve clients throughout the Panhandle. The insurance and bad faith claims attorneys at Perry & Young are licensed in Florida, Georgia, and Alabama. Equipped with 9 attorneys to serve clients, their extensive experience with insurance claims, insurance policies, and insurance companies make them well-versed in Florida insurance law. If you are caught in a situation involving insurance and bad faith claims, it is important to seek an experienced and skilled attorney.

Bad Faith Attorneys In Florida: Clients Dealing With Insurance and Bad Faith Claims

Bad faith on the part of an insurance company may entitle you to punitive damages — that is, a monetary award meant to punish the insurance company for acting in bad faith. Because some insurance companies are overzealous in rejecting claims, an experienced attorney who understands the concept of “bad faith” by insurance companies may be able to leverage that knowledge to get you extra compensation or to settle your claim more quickly for the full amount of your damages. An injury claim that may involve an insurance company might be situations such as:

Free Consultation With A Lawyer

If you have an injury claim or legal questions that may involve an insurance company, schedule a free confidential consultation by calling 850-215-7777 .

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