Defective Products

Defective products usually never come to mind when we use man-made products in our everyday lives. However, sometimes these products are poorly designed causing severe injury or even accidental death. Whether it is a gas grill, a child’s toy, a heater, or a kitchen product, it is important to schedule an appointment with an experienced defective product attorney if you or a loved one ever have this misfortune. The compassionate lawyers at Perry & Young are here for you.

Defective Product Injuries

We understand your pain, and we have the experience and fortitude to make those companies pay. We care about you and your family, and we want to help you obtain compensation to care for any permanent injury you or your loved one may have suffered to assist with any future special needs caused by injuries due to a dangerous or defective product. Some personal injuries that may result from a defective product may include:

Defective Product Injury Attorneys

An injury from dangerous or defective devices and can occur at home, at daycare, or anywhere else. Regardless of where the injury occurs, our attorneys have a team of investigators and experts to assist you with your defective product claim. Perry & Young has served clients throughout the Panhandle since 2008. With offices in Panama City, Panama City Beach, Marianna, and Tallahassee, the Florida attorneys at Perry & Young are committed to protecting the rights of the injured. We invite you to schedule a free consultation or call (850) 215-7777.

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To learn more about the law or to discuss your injury with an experienced Florida defective product attorney, please schedule a free consultation by calling us at 850-215-7777 or filling out our intake form. We consider you a friend and client for life.

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