Medication Errors

Medication errors in hospitals and clinical settings happen frequently — as often as one medication error per patient day, according to one study.* Most of these errors cause no harm, but some can result in serious injury or death. If a loved one has suffered harm as the result of a medication error in a hospital, clinic, or nursing home, you should speak with an attorney as soon as possible. You have the right to claim compensation for the wrongs done to your loved one. And by taking action, you may prevent another person from suffering serious injury or death. Call Perry & Young, P.A., at 850-215-7777 or fill out the form below.

Representing Victims of Medication Errors In Florida, Georgia, and Alabama

At Perry & Young, P.A., we are strong advocates for people who have been harmed as a result of medical negligence. As a successful personal injury law firm, we have the experience, technical knowledge, and financial resources to handle such claims. When we represent you, we will work diligently to obtain compensation, justice, and closure for your loved one’s suffering.

How Do Medication Errors Happen?

A medication error can occur in several ways:

  • The wrong medication can be prescribed.
  • The wrong dosage of a medication can be dispensed.
  • A nurse or other medical professional can fail to administer the medication properly, by giving the patient the wrong medication, skipping a dose, or doubling a dose.
  • The medical reconciliation is not completed properly.

Medical reconciliation is the process by which a nurse or medical practitioner compares a patient’s medication orders to the list of medications the patient has been taking. It is a way to identify mistakes of drug dosage, omissions, duplications, and interactions. Medical reconciliation must be accomplished properly at every patient transition, and failure to do so is the leading cause of medication errors.

Investigating Medication Errors

Our lawyers have years of experience litigating medical malpractice cases in Florida and have access to a full range of medical experts. We will undertake a thorough investigation of the care provided to your loved one and document how the medication error occurred. We will work hard to build a successful case and obtain the best possible jury award or settlement.

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