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The Florida amputation lawyers at Perry & Young know that amputations are sometimes a tragic result of motor vehicle collisions, work-related accidents, or medical malpractice. An amputation is the last resort for an extremely serious injury. The loss of a limb or appendage results in permanent disability. The victim faces lifelong challenges that require immediate and skilled legal representation. Our amputation attorneys are also licensed in Georgia and Alabama. 

Skilled Advocacy For Amputation Victims In Florida, Georgia, and Alabama

We represent seriously injured Florida Panhandle residents, their family members, and vacationers visiting from outside the state who have experienced the loss of arms, legs, hands, feet, fingers, and toes. Fill out the form below or call the Florida amputation attorneys at 850-215-7777 

Florida Amputation Lawyers Maximizing Compensation For  Your Losses

The Florida amputation lawyers at Perry & Young know that amputations occur from the impact of an accident that severs a limb and surgical operations that require the removal of a body part. The outcome combines crippling pain and emotional trauma. Complications following amputation can take the form of shock or deadly infections.

The Perry & Young amputation attorneys investigate your case and pursue maximum compensation. You may be entitled to compensation and punitive damages for your physical and emotional suffering, loss of quality of life, disfigurement, physical therapy, and prosthetics.

The Florida amputation attorneys at Perry & Young provide compassionate representation with a foundation of legal experience and knowledge. We are dedicated to helping you during a difficult time.

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