Florida Vehicular Homicide Attorneys

The decision to drive while impaired by alcohol or drugs has consequences beyond criminal penalties for the driver. Operating a vehicle while in a state of inebriation can result in serious injuries or death to anyone sharing the road. Loved ones are left grieving. Some face financial uncertainty when a hardworking family member or wage earner is killed. With law offices in Panama City, Panama City Beach, Tallahassee, and Marianna, Florida, the attorneys at Perry & Young, P.A., take on complex and emotionally charged drunk driving accident and vehicular homicide claims on behalf of grief-stricken loved ones. Call the vehicular homicide attorneys today at 850-215-7777  or schedule a free consultation online.

After A Vehicular Homicide, Get Legal Help

Alcohol is often a major part of high-profile Florida events and activities. The state is a popular destination for out-of-state tourists and college students attending spring break. Often, they find themselves in Panama City Beach. Drinking too much can limit an individual’s ability to operate a vehicle and put fellow drivers at risk for an automobile accident.

While the police will conduct their own criminal investigation, we take proactive steps in our own reconstruction of the tragic events. Larry Perry and Chris Young are former investigators who have extensive experience working with accident reconstructionists. Today, they collaborate with these experts to build wrongful death claims.

In our investigations, we evaluate the chain of custody of the alcohol or drugs that led to impaired driving. Our objective is to identify the individuals responsible for the tragic loss. Many cases often uncover a bartender at a bar or restaurant over-serving a customer or illegally providing liquor to a minor.

We understand that any amount of money will not bring back a loved one. His or her life has value. Justice takes the form of compensation that we employ all of our resources to maximize.

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