Truck accidents that occur on Florida’s interstates can easily involve several vehicles. The size of an 18-wheeler alone can block a highway’s lanes, making it impossible for some vehicles to avoid colliding with the wreckage of the first accident. If a truck driver is careless or reckless and causes a crash, many people could be injured or killed.

At last report, officers with the Florida Highway Patrol are still attempting to ascertain the cause of an accident involving two semi trucks and several other passenger vehicles that occurred on Nov. 18 on Interstate 75. What is known so far is that around 5:11 p.m., one of the big rigs was traveling north and suddenly careened across the median, over the guardrail and into the southbound lanes. It then hit another semi truck before it jackknifed. The truck came to rest across all three of the southbound lanes and caught fire.

Five other vehicles on the south side of the interstate were involved in a chain-reaction crash as they attempted to avoid the truck. The driver of the truck that was originally on the northbound side of the highway died in the wreckage. Two men from the five-vehicle crash suffered serious injuries. At last report, one of them was in serious condition while the other remained in critical condition. The other people involved suffered either minor injuries or no injuries at all.

The two men who were seriously injured are most likely incurring significant financial losses as they struggle to recover from the accident. They retain the right to file personal injury claims against the estate of the truck driver, the driver’s employer and any other parties who may have caused or contributed to their injuries. If negligence is proved, a Florida court may enter a monetary judgment as restitution.

Source:, “Florida Highway Patrol reveals details of fatal I-75 crashes“, Nov. 30, 2015

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