Tire Defects And Tire Failures

Tire defects and tire failures account for thousands of Auto Defects and injuries every year across the United States. The most common causes of these dangerous tire blowouts are design defects and manufacturing defects. At Perry & Young, P.A., we are familiar with the tire brands and models that have been investigated in the past, including Continental and Firestone, and those that are currently under investigation such as Goodrich.

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With a background in legal investigation and a strong network of accident reconstructionists, investigators and other experts, our lawyers can conduct a thorough analysis of your auto accident case. Our firm is dedicated to holding negligent parties accountable and obtaining maximum compensation for our injured clients.

Tire Tread Separation And Accidents

Among many types of defects, tread separation is the most common reason for tire blowouts. In these instances, the tire causes the tread to separate from it. The vehicle will tend to roll or pitch, causing the driver to lose control, commonly resulting in single- and multiple-vehicle accidents. The cause of a tread separation can be traced back to the design of the tire or to mistakes made by the manufacturer.

Panama City Wheel Defects Attorneys

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