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Compensation For Families Of Fatal Car Accident Victims

Fatal car accident claims are both legally complex and emotionally charged. A family is suddenly left without a loved one. In many cases, the person who died was the primary wage earner. Already grieving, the family faces financial uncertainty as well.If the death of a family member is caused by negligence, immediate legal help is vital. Before speaking to insurance adjusters or a company responsible for the death, call Perry & Young, P.A., at 850-215-7777 .

Tallahassee Fatal Injury Attorneys Focused On Justice And Results

The amount of a financial settlement or damages determined in a jury verdict will not turn back the clock on the tragic event. Justice can take the form of compensation and provide a certain level of peace of mind following:

  • Motor vehicle accidents involving cars, motorcycles and commercial trucks
  • Medical malpractice and nursing home negligence
  • Defective product claims
  • Drowning and swimming pool accidents
  • Industrial accidents
  • Airplane and helicopter accidents

Some fatal car accidents are caused by criminal actions. Texting while driving or driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol will result in a police investigation. While the criminal process moves on, Larry Perry and Chris Young, former investigators for Florida insurance companies, can provide proactive and in-depth investigations of their own.

We secure the necessary evidence by analyzing black box data in cars and trucks, securing witnesses to the accident and locating security videos. Our lawyers also team with high-level, industry-respected experts.

Our reputation for aggressive litigation is well-known in the insurance industry and legal community. The opposing side knows of our dedication and diligence, often leading to settlements that provide the compensation our clients need.

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For more information or to schedule a free initial consultation with a Panama City fatal car accident attorney, call Perry & Young, P.A., at 850-215-7777 . You can also reach us online. Please know that all communications between you and a lawyer at our firm remain entirely confidential.