Attorneys Representing Dog Bite Injuries

Physical injuries suffered in a dog attack are often as severe as the mental trauma a bite victim suffers. Scarring can take many forms. Dog lovers tend to let their guard down around canines and can become victims, requiring immediate medical attention and equally fast legal help. Dog owners and insurance adjusters may want to settle things quickly. However, their offers for compensation represent pennies on the dollar. With offices in Panama City, Panama City Beach, Tallahassee, and Marianna, the attorneys at Perry & Young, P.A., are committed to seeking justice by maximizing compensation for animal attack victims. They have earned the confidence of Florida residents through their proactive approach to building legal claims.
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Florida does not have a one-bite rule. Dog owners are strictly liable when they do not have control of their pets. However, the law does not make injury claims cut and dry. Victims left injured, maimed, or, in some cases, dead, need legal counsel. Our job is to navigate physically damaged victims and grieving family members through a complex legal process.

In-depth investigations are paramount, particularly if the animal has caused injuries in the past. Expert testimony, reconstruction, and witness statements help us get to the facts of the attack. From there, we pursue premises liability claims through settlement or litigation. Insurance companies and peer attorneys know our reputation for pursuing maximum compensation whether we are negotiating or trying a case.

Attorneys Advocating For Victims of Dog Bite Injuries

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