COVID-19 and the Effects on Personal Injury Cases

COVID-19 and the Effects on Personal Injury Cases

As the coronavirus surges through the United States countless people will continue to be a victim and suffer injuries in car accidents, slip and falls, medical malpractice, personal injury, and defective products. The injured party still can bring a personal injury claim to fruition during the COVID-19 to obtain compensation for their injuries. Although, the methodical legal system has been altered a bit during this pandemic and as a result clients need to be aware of how this will affect their claim.

The court system being closed is one of the issues resulting in personal injury cases being delayed in their ability to go to trial. Although the majority of cases settle prior to going to trial it is quite common for the case to see at least one hearing in court. On a positive note technology is on our side and depositions, mediations, arbitration, or settlement negotiations are being implemented via teleconference in lieu of personal appearances.

Due to the financial hardships, the COVID-19 has caused for many individuals victims are wanting to settle their case sooner than they normally would have. Some have lost their jobs or receiving unemployment benefits due to the COVID-19 might be a decrease in pay and as a result, causing the client to feel financial pressure. Insurance companies and their adjusters might be inclined to use this situation to their advantage and offer an unrealistic settlement offer. This virus has caused a trickledown effect in respect to who is affected financially. It is probable that the insurance companies have taken a hit as well as their profits have diminished, and they may provide more resistance than usual when it comes to attempting to minimize a claim. If they cannot get you to settle too soon it will be probable that more cases, go to trial or at least see a longer litigation period.

Being that the majority of Americans have taken a punch to their pocketbook some have had to allow their insurance to lapse. With that being said there is more uninsured motorists on the roads. Victims that are faced with someone who does not carry insurance is less likely to recover compensation from the driver’s personal assets. That is why we should all review our insurance policies to make sure it includes uninsured/underinsured motorist policy.

Personal Injury cases require a victim to receive medical treatment as recommended by their healthcare providers in order to receive the compensation they deserve. This is the primary way to prove the extent of the victim’s injuries and cost. The Covid-19 has caused many of us to question even going to a doctor’s office, physical therapy facility much less a hospital for testing or treatments. Although this is a reasonable concern it is important for the sake of the victim’s health as well as vital to the case.

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Medical Malpractice and Prescription Errors

Medical Malpractice and Prescription Errors

Unfortunately, we MUST have an advocate with us when we enter a health care facility. Regardless if it is a doctor’s appointment, lab work, outpatient surgical center, hospital, or just everyday care from a practitioner. It is not safe to be a patient and not have a second set of ears with us to direct our care. When we do not feel well and entrust in another’s care for us; there is a certain amount of trust given and we should not extend that trust. It is just not safe to be a patient alone because there are many patients; nurses and doctors have lives that can’t help but affect their decisions and efforts, we should have someone we trust with us to keep us safe. The National Coordination Council for Medication Error Prevention considers a medication error as any preventable event that may cause or lead to inappropriate medication use or patient harm. As humans we know their intent is good and it takes an incredibly special person to be a healthcare worker/advocate; however, we are human and mostly we mean no harm. Regretfully, humans take on too many responsibilities and errors do occur. Even though they are not intentional, it happens. Therefore, there are consequences because families are affected.

There are many reasons that Prescription errors occur:

  • Failure to properly read the doctor’s handwriting
  • Putting the wrong prescription into the pharmacy computer
  • Dispensing the wrong medication
  • Dispensing the wrong instructions on the medication
  • Failing to detect new medications adverse interaction with existing medications
  • Medication administration errors
  • Entering inaccurate or incomplete information about the patient

There are several people who can be held liable for the prescription error. It could be the doctor who wrote it wrong or his/her handwriting may not be legible. It is more common that there is inaccurate dosing. Too much or too little of a drug could cause grave harm to a patient. Prescribing a drug for an accurately diagnosed condition is the ultimate goal, however, to prescribe a drug for a misdiagnosed condition could cause permanent damage and possibly death. In a hospital or a nursing home, the majority cause of prescription errors is by the nurses and staff. Incorrectly administering of medications is the leading cause of overdoses in these facilities. Different medications must be administered in certain ways. Such as if a drug needs to be given by a shot in a specific location, it is the nurse that must administer the medication properly. Giving a shot in the wrong location or wrong method is considered negligent and the licensed nurse will be held liable.


Medical malpractice law in Florida is complicated and strictly specific. Proving medical negligence is difficult.  The litigation process is exceptionally long, and the compensation is very costly. The Law Office of Perry & Young has over 70 years of experience and we will strive to ensure that you receive full and fair compensation. Call us or contact the law firm through our email site for a free consultation.  850-215-7777

Food Recalls To Watch Out For Right Before Thanksgiving

Food Recalls To Watch Out For Right Before Thanksgiving

Some of you overachievers are already cooking for the meal of the year but there are some potential recalls in effect that might ruin Thanksgiving dinner so be on the lookout what you have in your pantry so your guests and/or family don’t end up with food poisoning.

Romaine Lettuce
There are massive recalls on romaine lettuce right now. This leafy green has been linked to 17 people who contracted E. Coli. 75,000 pounds has been taken off the shelves, but if you have any on hand, you might want to dispose of it just in case, especially if it was grown in Salinas, California. Consider replacing it with arugula, a.k.a. rocket, which has been shown to have notable health benefits.

Raspberries and blackberries
An outbreak of Hepatitis A has been potentially linked to frozen raspberries and blackberries sold by Fresh Thyme. These berries come from Illinois, but illnesses that may have resulted from consuming these products have been reported in Wisconsin, Nebraska, and Indiana.

Raw pork
An Illinois company recalled 515,000 pounds of raw pork because it didn’t pass inspection before it went to market. Check your meat freezer for these products. There haven’t yet been any links to health concerns, but let’s be real, getting sick from bad pork tends to have some unsavory consequences.

Cheese Nips
Some 11-ounce packages of Cheese Nips may contain small pieces of yellow plastic, according to authorities. Boxes that have a “best by” date of May 18, 19, or 20, 2020, could be contaminated. Also, c’mon y’all, Cheese Nips? We’re grown-ups now. Cheez-Its are vastly superior.

Cottage Cheese
Kraft Heinz has recalled almost 9,500 cases of three different varieties of cottage cheese after a consumer reported finding a piece of red plastic in their curds. No illnesses have been reported, but in case you have some cottage cheese in your fridge, the use by date on the recalled containers is December 10, 2019

Nestle Cookie Dough
Some packages of Nestle cookie dough may contain bits of rubber. Nestle voluntarily recalled the ready to bake items, which are listed here. You can still eat the already-baked cookies, though, which is a small consolation for those of us who prefer the raw deal.

Ground beef
A New Jersey company had to recall 115,000 pounds of ground beef products that may contain plastic. Before you start feeling elitist about how you always buy the “good meat,” please note that this is the fancy, organic grass-fed kind of ground beef.

Over 100 vegetable products were recalled over possible Listeria contamination, according to CNN. The number of veggies recalled is giant and includes major food companies like Del Monte and Trader Joe’s, so make sure to check the list. You are never going to get your family to buy into your vegan keto diet if you poison them.

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Verizon Commits $1 Million to Help Habitat for Humanity’s Recovery Efforts on the Gulf Coast

Verizon Commits $1 Million to Help Habitat for Humanity’s Recovery Efforts on the Gulf Coast

Even though 2019 hurricane season underway, communities along the Gulf Coast continue to rebuild after last year’s devastating season. Verizon announced today its Foundation is providing $1 million in support of Habitat for Humanity’s recovery efforts. In addition, more than 20 volunteers from Verizon are on hand helping to raise the walls on the latest home being built in the Panhandle.

“Verizon is committed to the communities where we live and work, and we’re honored to stand side-by-side today with those impacted by Hurricane Michael,” said Ronan Dunne, executive vice president and group CEO of Verizon Consumer. “Recovery and rebuilding will take years, and this grant to Habitat for Humanity to support their critically important work on the ground is just one example of the commitment we’ve made to be there for our customers and the community.”

“I visited Panama City soon after Hurricane Michael passed and witnessed first-hand the devastation it brought about,” said Tami Erwin, executive vice president and group CEO of Verizon Business. “We made a commitment then to stay in the community for the long haul and this is our most recent pledge to support residents and businesses.”

Long after first responders provide immediate relief following a disaster, the need for ongoing support remains critical. Habitat helps affected families rebuild through its long-term recovery efforts.

“With support from partners like Verizon, we can help more families in the Gulf Coast build back stronger and make a lasting difference in their communities,” said Julie Laird Davis, vice president for corporate and cause marketing at Habitat. “It’s more important than ever that families know they are not alone as they rebuild.”

Verizon often talks about how it runs to a crisis, and following Hurricane Michael the organization has committed more than $25 million to its network in the Panhandle and more than $2 million in grants to organizations like Habitat for Humanity. This helps impacted communities to recover and rebuild. Verizon also invested in additional mobile network assets with satellite connections that can be deployed anywhere a natural disaster strikes. Big thanks to Verizon.

Perry & Young is a nationally recognized personal injury, medical malpractice and property damage firm that has cultivated a reputation for our ability to successfully resolve even the most challenging cases. Over 35 years of experience, our award-winning team has secured multi-millions in numerous verdicts and settlements for clients across Florida, Georgia, Alabama, and the country.  Learn more about our services, your potential case and rights, and how we can help by calling (850) 215-7777 for a FREE consultation.

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Forgotten Category 5 Hurricane Still Casts Shadow on Floridians

Forgotten Category 5 Hurricane Still Casts Shadow on Floridians

Hurricane Michael was a storm many Panhandle residents will never forget; however, the rest of Florida seems to have forgotten according to a survey released by REBUILD 850. This historic storm made landfall on October 10, 2018, and was the strongest storm to ever hit the Florida Panhandle, with wind speeds of up to 155 mph- it was just recently was upgraded to a category 5. The storm and the devastation that comes along with it moved quickly throughout the area, leaving at least 43 dead and entire towns wiped away. Damages are estimated to at least $5 billion but recovery has been slow for many locals.

Rebuild 850 was launched shortly after Hurricane Michael made landfall with the intentions “to keep North Florida’s recovery front and center and to marshal ongoing support” according to their website. REBUILD 850 is co-chaired by former Florida House Speakers Allan Bense and Will Weatherford and former U.S. Representative Gwen Graham. They also have a diverse team of dedicated partner organizations urging anyone that can to visit, volunteer, donate, and invest in this region that has been so devastated by Hurricane Michael.

The survey results collected by Sachs Media Groupon on behalf of the National Hurricane Survival Initiative and Rebuild 850 showed nearly half of respondents would do nothing to help people affected by the hurricane and nearly 75 percent said they would not consider donating money to help with relief efforts. Lack of public support might be because for most Floridians, life has gone back to normal. They are not reminded day in and day out of the devastation left by the storm like the residents of the Panhandle. As the new hurricane season ramps up, the Panhandle is still in shambles from last year’s Category 5 storm.

The survey was meant to gauge statewide awareness of the storm and its continued effects. “These panhandle residents need the support of our entire state,” said Allan Bense, REBUILD 850 co-chair and former Speaker of the House. “These communities are suffering. We’re all Floridians, and we need to come together. We are urging all Floridians to lend a hand to our most vulnerable citizens.” Homelessness, unemployment, and mental health issues are still very real issues for these Floridians. “Many Panhandle residents feel like they’ve been forgotten by their state,” said former Congresswoman Gwen Graham. “These survey results are incredibly frustrating. Families are camped out in tents and children are struggling with anxiety, and Floridians in other areas of the state are unaware.”

Even more disheartening was the fact that the report found nearly half of those respondents didn’t know which hurricane had hit the panhandle and fewer than half understood the severity of Hurricane Michael. “While we’re thankful for the federal and state funding the Panhandle relief and coverage effort has received, we need to come together as Floridians to do even more,” said former House Speaker Will Weatherford. “This was the second most powerful storm to ever hit the mainland United States, and it will continue to take more time and money to recover and rebuild.”

Perry & Young is a nationally recognized personal injury, medical malpractice and property damage firm that has cultivated a reputation for our ability to successfully resolve even the most challenging cases. Over 35 years of experience, our award-winning team has secured multi-millions in numerous verdicts and settlements for clients across Florida, Georgia, Alabama, and the country.  Learn more about our services, your potential case and rights, and how we can help by calling (850) 215-7777 for a FREE consultation.

5 Things to Look for in a Medical Malpractice Lawyer

While choosing the right medical malpractice lawyer may seem impossible, it is achieveable with the right tools in your back pocket. There are some things you can look for when searching, interviewing, and finally deciding on which medical malpractice lawyer you should go with. Going up against a doctor, the nurses, and even a medical facility or two is no easy task which is why you need to look for an experienced attorney. An attorney that you know will go to war as on your behalf and ask as you or your loved one’s best advocate when that time comes. It will take an exceptional medical malpractice lawyer to help you win. Most of these go to trial to establish the facts so you need to make sure your lawyer has established the duty between the patient and doctor/hospital. After you have established that duty, you must find the breach of that duty or standard medical procedure. After these two things have been established, one of the hardest things your lawyer with must do it prove the connection between the breach and whatever caused the injury. The final thing your attorney will have to prove is damages caused the breach of duty.

These things come with a number of years of experience and from someone well versed with any and all medical aspects in the niche field they specialize in. Since most medical malpractice lawyers are experts in a specific field. For example, the lawyer can be an expert in dealing with birth injuries or surgical mishap cases. Having a special niche is indicative of years of experience in the field and will have no trouble making case theories, talking to medical experts and understanding all the technical jargon. You need to make sure your attorney is both compassionate and aggressive towards your case because you will need it when trying to win your case. Ensure that the attorney you choose has access to medical experts that can be called on for expert testimony as well as making the jury understand your case entirely. If you’ve been a victim of medical malpractice, Contact us today!


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