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ATV Recreational Vehicle Accidents

Help for ATV And Recreational Accident Victims

All terrain vehicles (ATVs) can be fun and enjoyable when operated correctly. Unfortunately, an ATV accident can happen to anyone at any time. Sometimes, these accidents can cause serious personal injury or accidental death on all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), recreational vehicles (RVs), Jet Skis, boats, dune buggies, and other watercraft and land vehicles. When this happens, it’s important to know where to find an ATV accident attorney. Although Florida personal injury protection (PIP) coverage may exclude ATVs or RVs the ATV attorneys at Perry & Young, P.A., know of other policies that may provide coverage, including some homeowners’ insurance policies. They also understand auto insurance and PIP coverage and can review your policies to determine if you have coverage. Call 850-215-7777 today for a free consultation with an experienced Florida ATV and RV accident attorney. We have offices in Panama City, Panama City Beach, Marianna and Tallahassee to serve you.

Vigorous Advocacy In Accident Cases

The ATV accident attorneys at Perry & Young, P.A. understand how to investigate your claim. They will determine all of the parties that may be responsible for your accident injuries including: the manufacturer, another driver or vehicle operator, a poorly designed road interchange or a property owner’s failure to warn of a known danger. It is important to include all parties that may have contributed to injuries or accidental death to increase your chances of receiving full and fair compensation. For additional information about the benefits of retaining our services, please visit our firm overview.

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If you or a loved one have suffered injury or accidental death due to a recreational vehicle accident or ATV accident, a Jet Ski accident, a boating accident or an RV accident, please schedule a free confidential consultation to discuss your claim. Contact Perry & Young P.A. by calling 850-215-7777 or filling out our intake form. Put our experience to work for you.