Are You Ready for Hurricane Season 2019?

Are You Ready for Hurricane Season 2019?

Hurricane season officially begins this weekend so if you are not prepared yet, it’s time to get prepared for the possibility of a big storm. Although the season isn’t technically here, we’ve already seen the first named storm with Subtropical Storm Andrea forming in the Atlantic in May. But how soon will it be before coastal communities in the Atlantic or the Gulf Coast are bracing for more storms?

The hurricane season typically runs from June 1 until November 30, with a spike in hurricanes and tropical storms usually happening in September. In September 2017, Hurricane Irma impacted the Florida coast and was followed by Hurricane Maria, which destroyed areas of Puerto Rico. Hurricane Michael hit the Florida panhandle last year and was the most intense hurricane ever recorded, the most expensive and deadly hurricane ever, and the largest hurricane in diameter.

So, what do you need to do to be prepared for the potentially big storm? Well emotionally, you are ever prepared but there are some items that you should have on hand such as:

Some of the items you should always have on hand include:

  • An Emergency Plan
  • Bottled water
  • Batteries
  • Candles/flashlights
  • A NOAA radio, or radio for emergencies
  • Canned goods or non-perishable foods
  • A safe for important documents
  • An app to monitor the weather

Researchers are predicting 13 named storms during the upcoming hurricane season. Five storms this season are predicted to become hurricanes and two to reach major hurricane strength, which is classified as Category 3 to Category 5. “It takes only one storm near you to make this an active season,” cautioned Michael Bell, associate professor in the CSU Department of Atmospheric Science. If the last few seasons have taught us anything, being over prepared is ever a bad thing. Other than items you should have on hand, you should also make sure your homeowner’s insurance policy is also in good standing and covers what you need it to in the event a hurricane does happen, and damage is done to the property.

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