Washington County Pursuing Opioid Lawsuit

Washington County, Fla. – The Washington County Commission has hired the Perry & Young law firm to represent the county in the Opioid Multi-District Litigation.

The firm is partnered with DeGaris & Rogers  has serves on numerous federal multidistrict litigation panels.

“For nearly ten years Perry & Young has pursued cases against doctors, clinics and pharmacies for

over prescribing and mis-prescribing opioids which led to the wrongful deaths of several residents in Bay, Washington, Jackson, Gulf and Holmes counties,” officials wrote in a news release. “The firms intend on filing a lawsuit within the next two weeks against the drug manufactures and multinational distributors.”

Washington County has the highest per capita rate of opioid prescriptions in the State of Florida.

“The citizens of Washington County have paid an “opioid tax” of nearly a million dollars this past year alone for increase in governmental services in police, emergency medical services, court services and community clinics which  impact is directly related to the increase in opioid use in the area,” officials added.


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