Ways motorists can make the roads safer

Car accidents are becoming common scenes on the roads in Panama City. Whether alcohol or distractions are contributing factors, they are all preventable. You have a personal obligation to do your part to help keep the roads safe even though you are not a commercial driver. Every action you take to protect yourself can help to eliminate some of the driving dangers that you and other motorists face. Incorporate the following safety suggestions into your driving routine to reduce the number of collisions and fatalities that occur on the roads.

Put away distractions

Distracted driving is a major contributor to motor vehicle accidents today. Many drivers are so attached to their cellphones and mobile devices that they cannot seem to put them down long enough to focus on driving. Distractions make it harder for you to know what is going on around you.

You cannot take measures to keep yourself safe if you are more focused on your text messages and social media than you are on the distracted motorist who is driving next to you. Put away anything that can become a distraction on the road. Put your cellphone and mobile devices inside of your glove compartment until you reach your destination. Limit conversations with passengers if you are unable to maintain your concentration while driving.

Avoid alcohol

It is warm outside, and the number of social events on your calendar is increasing. Now that you may have more opportunities to drink socially, you should plan your outings carefully to avoid the risk of driving while intoxicated. Choose a designated driver if you plan to indulge in alcohol. Or you can use a rideshare service or cab to provide you with transportation for those occasions.

Adhere to all safety signs and traffic rules

It is so easy to ignore a stop sign here and a yield sign there, but the more traffic signs you ignore, the more your risk for car accidents and severe injuries increases. To avoid the temptation of reckless driving, add more time to your commute by leaving earlier. This can save you more time in the long run than if you drive hurriedly and crash into someone’s else’s vehicle or into a pedestrian.

Improve your driving behavior by becoming more conscious of how your actions can affect others. Better driving habits mean increased road awareness, higher safety and fewer car accidents. If someone else’s negligence causes you to suffer from car accident injuries, you should discuss your situation with a personal injury attorney to learn your options.

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