How to handle a road rage situation

Road rage is becoming a common occurrence on the roads today. It is a leading cause of injury and death for motorists. According to AAA NewsRoom, in the past year alone, road rage, aggression and significant anger were experienced by at least 80 percent of drivers. 91 million motorists who encounter road raging drivers show their annoyance by honking their horns. While it is completely normal for people to experience certain feelings periodically, they should not let them overtake their good judgment and impact their driving behavior. If you are concerned about your wellbeing and want to help make the roads safer for all, you should learn how to handle road rage situations and to avoid them if possible.

Avoid confrontation

Many motorists who encounter aggressive drivers are tempted to confront them. However, doing so can be extremely dangerous. Angry vehicle operators are not always thinking rationally. They may be angrier than they appear and more inclined to attack the person who is confronting them. If you happen to crash or have an encounter with a road raging motorist, do your best to avoid confrontation.

Pull over to somewhere safe

Sometimes road raging motorists will follow other drivers in an effort to intimidate and harass them. This can leave you feeling unsettled and unsafe while you are driving and increase your chances of making driving errors that can put you at risk for accidents and injuries. To avoid this type of situation, pull over to somewhere safe to get out of the aggressive driver’s way.

Do not engage in reckless behavior

Aggressive driving can be contagious. You may feel like retaliating against another motorist who does something to annoy you or who does not seem to be paying attention. You should resist the temptation to act recklessly, especially while you are behind the wheel. Failure to do so could perpetuate a cycle of reckless and road raging driving behavior from other motorists and cause more accidents and injuries to others.

Go to a police station

Anytime you witness aggressive drivers or encounter road raging motorists, you should find your nearest police station to report them. Do not attempt to follow them or you could end up involved in a much more dangerous situation.

Road rage is preventable with the right precautions. Keep your emotions from getting the best of you when you are driving. If you find yourself dealing with a situation that involves road rage, you may want to speak with an attorney for further assistance.

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