Perry & Young Recognized as Top Law Firm

Panama City Living Magazine recently notified our firm that we have been chosen by local residents to receive the Reader’s Choice Award. The firm received this recognition in 2015 as well.

A large thank you goes out to all of you reading this who made such an award possible. We are glad that the residents of Bay County know how dedicated we are to fighting for you! Here is to another great year of preserving the rights of injured people in Bay County.

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The US Claims Bronze in Golf’s Return to the Olympics

Golf returned to the Olympic Games after a 112 year hiatus. Justin Rose of Great Britain clenched Gold over Henrik Stenson of Sweden by just two strokes. Matt Kuchar of the United States closed Olympic play with a 63, wining a bronze medal.

You don’t have to travel to Rio for memorable moments in the sport of golf. Here is attorney Les McFatter of Perry & Young demonstrating flawless golf technique for those wanting to know more about the game.


When it Rains it Pours!

We have seen extreme amounts of rainfall in the past week. Rain brings new challenges and dangers when driving. No matter how long you have been behind the wheel, here are a few reminders and tips to help you stay safe.

1. Take your time. One of the most dangerous times to drive is soon after it begins to rain. When it first begins to rain, oils that have absorbed into the roadway begin to release, creating extremely slippery roadways. If you are going to be late to work because of the rain, pull over to call your employer or make the call before you begin to drive.

2. Turn your lights on. This helps other drivers perceive you on the roadway. Turning on your lights helps with safety and obeying Florida law. F.S.S. 316.217 requires any vehicle that is not parked to have headlights activated during conditions of rain, smoke, or fog.

3. Distance is your friend. In extreme rainfall stay further back than you normally would. 6-10 seconds is a good starting point depending on how long you have been driving. Since estimating 6-10 seconds isn’t always easy, you can always sing the main chorus of the timeless classic, Peanut Butter Jelly Time.

Father-Son Attorney Team Stole Millions From Their Clients

Late last month, the Florida Bar announced the indefinite suspension of a father-son team of personal injury lawyers. The punishment, handed down by the Florida Supreme Court, followed a finding that the attorneys had cheated their clients of millions of dollars.

The facts of the case are as such: The lawyers were hired in a suit against an insurance company that was refusing to pay out on valid injury claims. According to a local CBS affiliate, “after receiving a $5.25 million settlement… [they] paid clients $672,000 and kept more than $4 million as attorneys’ fees.”

Good apples vs. bad apples

Attorneys, as a general category, are often seen as self-serving and untrustworthy. And personal injury lawyers in particular have a reputation for lacking scruples. At times–as with the individuals disciplined by the Florida Supreme Court–there is good reason to view them as such.

But the barrel contains many good apples. Indeed, in many cases, an experienced attorney can help his or her clients get the compensation they need to recover. Lawyers, of course, know how to negotiate aggressively with insurance companies, and can quickly assess all the facets of one’s situation and understand the financial damages to which one is entitled.

How to find a trustworthy personal injury attorney

Still, prospective clients ought to take precautions to protect themselves. It is relatively easy to check whether a lawyer has faced disciplinary action–the Florida Bar’s website maintains a database of attorneys who have faced punishment for misconduct or gross malfeasance. Likewise, because many personal injury attorneys work on a contingency basis, it is crucial to understand what their contingency fees are prior to retaining them.

Suffering a physical injury will affect all areas of your life. It is important to understand how to avoid incurring a financial injury, too.

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