What happens when children’s toys and other items are unsafe?

As the holidays draw to a close, Florida children are playing with the gifts they received. Most parents assume that their children’s toys are properly made and have been tested to ensure they are safe. Sadly, sometimes, manufacturers release toys into the marketplace that are defective and dangerous.

Each year, hundreds of children across the country are seriously injured or killed by defective children’s products — including toys. A new bicycle could fall apart while a child is riding it. Small pieces of a toy could break off and end up in a child’s mouth, which would be a choking hazard.

These are just a couple examples of how seemingly innocent toys could cause injuries or even death to children. In addition to toys, some children’s clothing items are improperly made and could catch fire if exposed to flame or high heat. If the clothing cannot be removed quickly, serious burns and other injuries could result. In some cases, children have died while wearing the clothes.

Manufacturers, distributors and sellers of defective and dangerous children’s toys and other items can be held accountable for their deficiencies. It is bad enough when products mainly used by adults are defective, but when it comes to children, many Florida parents expect there to be a higher standard and more rigorous oversight. If your child suffered serious and/or permanent injuries — or died — from a dangerous product, you do not have to deal with the aftermath alone. A products liability attorney can help you determine who to file a claim against and provide you with compassionate advice and support throughout the process.

Medical mistakes take many forms

The majority of medical professionals here in Florida diligently perform their duties every day in order to safeguard the lives of their patients. However, mistakes can — and do — still happen that cause serious or fatal injuries to the lives they are supposed to protect. Those mistakes take many forms and might constitute medical malpractice.

One of the most challenging tasks performed by doctors is diagnosing a patient’s condition. Without the proper diagnosis, the patient’s health may continue to deteriorate, which could easily result in permanent damage or death. Most doctors will do what is necessary to determine what condition a patient is suffering from, but errors are made far too often. For example, failing to diagnose cancer in a timely manner could be a death sentence for the patient.

Even if the correct diagnosis is made, that does not guarantee a successful outcome for the patient. Every surgical procedure has its risks, and one of those risks might come from the surgical team attending to the individual before, during or after the procedure. Nearly every Florida resident has heard horror stories about surgeons leaving objects behind in patients. Unfortunately, too many of those stories are true. This type of mistake, among others, can cause harm to patients.

These are just two examples of potential medical malpractice claims filed by people every day across the country and here in Florida. If you believe a medical mistake caused you serious and/or permanent injury — or if you lost a loved one to malpractice — it would be beneficial to contact an attorney right away to protect your rights. Doctors, nurses and other medical professionals can be held accountable for their mistakes, and you deserve restitution for your financial losses.

Truck driver dies in fiery crash on I-75, others injured

Truck accidents that occur on Florida’s interstates can easily involve several vehicles. The size of an 18-wheeler alone can block a highway’s lanes, making it impossible for some vehicles to avoid colliding with the wreckage of the first accident. If a truck driver is careless or reckless and causes a crash, many people could be injured or killed.

At last report, officers with the Florida Highway Patrol are still attempting to ascertain the cause of an accident involving two semi trucks and several other passenger vehicles that occurred on Nov. 18 on Interstate 75. What is known so far is that around 5:11 p.m., one of the big rigs was traveling north and suddenly careened across the median, over the guardrail and into the southbound lanes. It then hit another semi truck before it jackknifed. The truck came to rest across all three of the southbound lanes and caught fire.

Five other vehicles on the south side of the interstate were involved in a chain-reaction crash as they attempted to avoid the truck. The driver of the truck that was originally on the northbound side of the highway died in the wreckage. Two men from the five-vehicle crash suffered serious injuries. At last report, one of them was in serious condition while the other remained in critical condition. The other people involved suffered either minor injuries or no injuries at all.

The two men who were seriously injured are most likely incurring significant financial losses as they struggle to recover from the accident. They retain the right to file personal injury claims against the estate of the truck driver, the driver’s employer and any other parties who may have caused or contributed to their injuries. If negligence is proved, a Florida court may enter a monetary judgment as restitution.

Source: gainesville.com, “Florida Highway Patrol reveals details of fatal I-75 crashes“, Nov. 30, 2015

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