Widower files lawsuit in the aftermath of fatal truck accident

March 2 was likely the worst day of one Florida man’s life. It was the day that he lost his wife and three children in a truck accident. What makes this man’s loss even more traumatic is the fact that he heard it all happen on the phone.

His wife’s vehicle broke down on a bridge. She and their three children — ages 18, 17 and 6 — were in the vehicle with her. As she talked to her husband, cars flew past them. Then, his wife expressed concern about a truck barrelling toward her car.

The man heard the impact and stayed on the phone until it went dead. He attempted to get to the scene as quickly as he could, but the accident backed up traffic. Police report that the vehicle burst into flames after being struck by the 18-wheeler. The fire burned so hot that it melted items in the vehicle, such as the victims’ clothes and shoes. The impact was so hard that the back seats ended up in the front part of the passenger compartment.

The Florida man has exercised his right to file wrongful death claims against the driver of the truck and the company for which the trucker was driving at the time of this tragic truck accident. At last report, police were still attempting to ascertain why the truck driver did not even slow down prior to the impact. The fact that the truck did not slow, however, could be offered as evidence of negligence. If the court determines that this man’s family died due to the negligence of another, the man may be awarded monetary damages, which will not bring back his family, but could provide him with at least some sense of justice.

Source: 11alive.com, “Father on phone, hears crash that killed wife, kids“, Clark Foreaker, Nov. 4, 2015

A Member of #TeamPY Keeps Fighting to Recover. Go Gabby!

On a spring night in April of 2010 Gabby Decker was involved in a tragic traffic crash. The vehicle that she was riding in crossed a median and the resulting crash left Gabby in a coma.

Gabby, who was a star athlete, lost her ability to walk as a result of this crash but she never lost her kind heart, wonderful spirit, or warming smile! She has stayed positive while figiting to return to the life she knew before the crash.

Gabby has been accepted into a program that is designed specifically to retrain the brain as well as rehibilitate the body. She’s fought so hard but now she needs your help. Gabby has been attending treatment for over a month and has made truly amazing progress.

Please take a few moments to view Gabby’s story and help us spread this story around!

Gabby’s Story

You can also visit her GoFundMe page here.

Premises liability claims come from numerous sources

When many Florida residents think about premises liability, they think about people slipping and falling in grocery stores. However, a property owner could be held liable for injuries suffered under many other circumstances by people who were invited onto the property. Premises liability claims may be filed against private property owners as well as commercial property owners.

The element that binds every premises liability claim is that a danger existed that the property owner knew or should have known about and should have corrected — or should have at least warned invitees (people allowed to be on the property) of the hazard. Dangerous conditions include everything from a wet floor and inadequate lighting to an aggressive dog and security concerns. Property owners are required to keep the property maintained and repaired. They should also periodically inspect the property to be sure it is free of hazards.

In many cases, the property owner’s insurance company will be quick to try to get you to settle your claim. The questions asked by the company’s representatives are often designed to find a way to limit its liability. Ordinarily, any offer made to you would be for much less than you may receive if you pursue the matter with an attorney.

If you suffered serious injury or lost a loved one on someone else’s property, you may be able to file a premises liability claim. It should be noted that evidence can disappear quickly, so contacting an attorney as soon as possible is essential. If an investigation reveals that a property owner and/or others are responsible for the property’s condition, a claim may be filed. Any monetary judgment entered after negligence is established to a Florida court’s satisfaction may be used to defray the financial losses associated with the accident.

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