2 Florida residents killed in car accident

When someone is killed in a car accident, the surviving family members are left to pick up the pieces. As they do so, they retain the right to file wrongful death claims against the parties believed to be responsible for the death of their loved one. Family members of the two people who died in a recent Florida car accident may be considering exercising that right.

The crash occurred on a recent Monday afternoon between a motorcycle and a pickup truck. Authorities say that the pickup’s driver was trying to turn left onto a street. As the driver was turning, a motorcyclist was approaching the pickup at a high rate of speed. The motorcycle was unable to stop and crashed into the pickup truck.

The collision caused the pickup truck to flip over and land on its roof. The motorcyclist and the driver of the pickup truck were pronounced dead at the scene. An occupant of the pickup truck suffered serious injuries and was airlifted to Orlando Regional for treatment. No other information about the crash was reported.

The families of the deceased and the injured passenger may file civil actions with the Florida courts seeking damages incurred as a result of this motorcycle versus car accident. It may be determined that both drivers bear some responsibility for this crash. In that case, each driver would be assigned a percentage of responsibility by the court. Any award of damages to a party — or a party’s estate if the negligent party is deceased, as is the case here — will be reduced by that percentage. Moreover, if the injured passenger proves negligence on the party of each driver and damages are awarded to him, each estate may be responsible for a portion of the award.

Source: orlandosentinel.com, “One killed in crash near County Road 42 and Ohio Street in Paisley“, Elyssa Cherney and Desiree Stennett, Feb. 24, 2015

Motorcyclist killed in fatal crash in Florida

Being on a motorcycle is dangerous. Florida motorcyclists who are involved in car accidents are at risk of serious injuries and death, particularly because they do not have the same protection as being inside of an enclosed vehicle. In one such case, a motorcyclist was recently the victim of a fatal crash.

The accident happened on a recent Saturday afternoon in Pembroke Pines. According to reports, a motorcyclist was traveling the roadway when another vehicle turned left in front of his motorcycle. The man was unable to stop and lost control of his bike. The motorcycle slid and crashed into the car, and his head hit the rim on the passenger side of the vehicle.

His head injuries were severe, and he was pronounced dead at the scene. Police say that the biker was wearing a safety helmet. Authorities have not charged the other driver and are asking the public for any additional information about this tragedy.

The motorcyclist surely leaves family and loved ones who are grieving their loss. Depending on the outcome of this investigation, the family could have legal recourse to file a wrongful death claim against the other driver involved in the accident. If a claim is successfully handled, they could be reimbursed for funeral expenses and other losses associated with the fatal crash. The civil court system in Florida typically adjudicates these types of claims based upon evidence that the other party was negligent in a manner that caused or materially contributed to the death. An experienced personal injury attorney can help families in similar situations by answering questions concerning liability issues and by offering assistance to pursue claims for financial redress.

Source: sun-sentinel.com, “Motorcyclist dies in Pembroke Pines crash on Saturday“, Kate Jacobson, Feb. 7, 2015

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