#TeamPY recently went to Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort for the annual Florida Justice Association (FJA) conference. Our very own Larry Perry was a presenting speaker at the Young Lawyers seminar, a seminar geared at helping lawyers new to the practice of law excel. Mr. Perry gave a presentation on marketing and social media to the group.

Reports are also coming in of a confirmed Rock Lobster sighting at the conference. Our very own Eric Garmon “The Rock Lobster” Garmon was also in attendence at this years conference.

One of the highlights of the conference for #TeamPY was seeing Mr. Perry chosen to be among one of thirty board members to represent the FJA statewide. We are very proud of Mr. Perry and we know that he will be a great representative for the Panhandle and the state of Florida!

See more pictures like the one below on our Facebook Page. www.facebook.com/PerryYoungPA

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