Florida crash blamed on driver running red light

A recent car accident caused injuries to three children, and one is fighting for their life. The two-car crash occurred in Jacksonville. Florida authorities were called out to the scene to conduct an investigation. Preliminary reports suggest that the driver of a truck ran a red light while traveling through an intersection.

The accident happened on a recent Monday afternoon. According to reports, the children and their mother were traveling in a van in the northbound direction. The driver of a truck reportedly ran a red light at an intersection while the van was making a left tur, and the truck hit the van on the driver’s side. The children’s mother and the driver of the truck suffered minor injuries and were treated.

A 1-year-old and a 7-year-old were transported to the hospital with serious injuries. A 5-year-old is being treated at UF Health for life-threatening injuries. It’s not known if the driver of the truck will face any charges, but the investigation is still continuing.

Being injured a car crash is traumatizing under any circumstances. It’s even more traumatizing for parents to learn that their young children were seriously injured. While the children continue to receive treatment, the mother may decide to initiate legal action against the driver of the truck to seek recovery of financial damages sustained. The injured children may be required to continue outpatient medical treatment and incur even more expenses once released from the hospital. The civil court system in Florida may award monetary relief if evidence documents that the driver of the truck operated in a negligent manner that caused or materially contributed to the children’s injuries.

Source: news4jax.com, “3 kids hurt, 1 critically, in Beach Blvd. crash“, Francesca Amiker, Sept. 23, 2014

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Fatal crash on Florida highway leaves mother dead

A family was in Florida on vacation when they were involved in a tragic accident. The fatal crash claimed the life of a 42-year-old woman. Other family members were also injured.

The accident happened on a recent Saturday while the family was traveling to Disney World. Upon a preliminary investigation, authorities indicate that the driver of a sedan struck the back of the van, in which the family was traveling. Since the road was wet at the time, both drivers lost control of their vehicles. According to reports, the sedan caught fire after slamming into a guard rail, which caused him to suffer serious injuries. Details of his condition are unknown at this time.

Authorities say the van struck a concrete pole on the passenger side where the woman was sitting. The impact killed her and sent several other occupants of the vehicle to the hospital. Reportedly, her 17-year-old daughter and her husband were transported to the hospital and have since been released. The woman’s twin daughters and another 16-year-old were also taken to the hospital, but the exact details of their conditions have not been released.

The fatal crash has undoubtedly turned the family’s lives upside down. Unfortunately, the actions of one driver can cause catastrophe for others, and this tragedy appears to be an example of that. There are children who are now left without their mother and a man who is now widowed. The family may wish to pursue a wrongful death claim against the driver of the sedan to seek recovery of damages incurred as a direct result of the accident. The injured family members may also have rights to file personal injury claims for monetary damages in a Florida civil courtroom.

Source: Orlando Sentinel, “Julia Camille Jetvig dead after crash on S.R. 528; husband and children hospitalized“, Tiffany Walden, Sept. 6, 2014

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