Children injured in multi vehicle crash involving Florida trooper

Working as a law enforcement officer can be very rewarding, but it can also be very dangerous. Police must constantly make quick decisions and act quickly, with the outcome often meaning life or death either for themselves or the citizens they protect. When an officer makes a mistake, the consequences can be catastrophic. Such appears to have been the case recently when a Florida Highway Patrolman allegedly caused a four-car crash on Interstate 75.

According to witnesses, the trooper tried to make a U-turn in the median but hit a guard rail instead. This led to a chain reaction accident that involved two other cars and a tractor-trailer. The patrol car first hit a Nissan driven by a woman and transporting three children, some of whom were reportedly not wearing seatbelts. All were seriously injured and taken to local hospitals by helicopter.

Before coming to a stop, the Nissan struck a Mercedes and tractor-trailer truck and then caught fire. The other drivers suffered minor injuries and were treated at the hospital. All lanes of Interstate 75 southbound were blocked for about six hours as the rescue, crash investigation and cleanup took place.

Authorities are still investigating the crash, and no charges have been filed against the officer. The situation could have been much worse, as no one died in the accident, but nevertheless, it was still a very dangerous and terrifying event for all involved, especially the children. The injured parties could choose to pursue a civil suit in a Florida court against the officer, and the officer’s employer, for damages she suffered as a result of the crash.

Source:, “3 children critically injured in 4-vehicle crash in Marion County“, Daniel Dahm, May 19, 2014

Florida man killed while trying to help car accident victim

In today’s busy world, more often than not, it is unusual for someone to make time to help a stranger in need. Occasionally there are those rare few who will stop to lend a hand. One such person, a Florida man nicknamed “Mr. Fix-It” because of his ability to repair old cars, pulled his pickup truck onto the shoulder of I-4 last weekend to assist a motorist who had been in a car accident.

The good Samaritan had been driving his wife to work when he noticed an overturned SUV still smoking from a recent crash. As he tried to help the entrapped driver, another vehicle veered onto the shoulder and struck and killed the 46-year-old father of seven daughters. The roads were slick from the morning rain, and it is believed that the driver of the 2004 Isuzu that struck the man had lost control while trying to avoid a crash with another car.

Stopping along any busy interstate always makes for a dangerous situation. There are Florida “move-over” laws in place to protect emergency workers and stranded motorists. Drivers are required to move one lane away from emergency workers or disabled cars that are stopped on the shoulder of a roadway. If they are unable to move over, drivers are required to slow down when people are on the shoulder.

Described by his eldest daughter as a kind person, the man killed in this tragic car accident was well known for helping people in need. No charges are pending against the driver who struck and killed the man; however, the family of the deceased man could still pursue a civil case against him. While nothing can ever make up for their terrible loss, compensation from a successfully litigated wrongful death suit could help the victim’s family cover end-of-life expenses.

Source: Orlando Sentinel, “Good Samaritan killed family mourns“, Stephen Hudak, May 5, 2014

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