Punctured colon during surgery causes woman severe complications

A woman has been left disfigured and without most of her hearing after a “laparoscopic removal of an ectopic pregnancy” — a basic gynecological procedure — was botched. One of the surgeons punctured the woman’s colon, resulting in a bevy of severe medical complications. Her blood was poisoned as a result of the surgical error, and she then suffered from gangrene. Her condition deteriorated as a result of three heart attacks.

In an attempt to stabilize the woman, medical staff members had to amputate both of her legs twice. The first amputation was at the ankles; but when that didn’t contain the ravaging infection, the woman’s legs were amputated just below the knee.

Further extreme efforts had to be done to save the woman. Powerful drugs were injected into her system, which directly caused her to lose much of her ability to hear. After 73 days in the intensive care unit, the woman was finally released and, eventually, she is living her life again.

But it is not the life she asked for, nor will it ever be the same. She has gone through so much already, and will go through much, much more in the coming years. The medical bills; the pain; the change in lifestyle; the constant care she will require; the fear of infections or sicknesses running wild on her weakened immune system; these are all things she will have to deal with in the coming decades. She is understandably suing the hospital and seeking damages to help her deal with all of the factors we just mentioned.

Source: NY Daily News, “Woman lost legs because of LI hospital’s negligence, lawyer tells Brooklyn jury,” John Marzulli, Nov. 4, 2013

Tallahassee pedestrian struck by car late at night

A late night car accident in Tallahassee, Florida left a pedestrian injured and in the hospital, while police opened an investigation into the accident. The condition of the pedestrian is unknown, but given the nature of car-pedestrian accidents, it is very likely that she suffered some serious injuries. Few details have been available as the police continue to search for answer in this unfortunate wreck.

There will be many questions posed in the wake of this car accident, not the least of which will be “was the driver intoxicated in some way?” Given the late hour of the crash, it is possible the driver was drunk in some way. Drunk driving accidents differ from just a regular car accident because the driver is displaying extreme negligence and irresponsible behavior. Victims of such an accident can, and should, consider legal action.

There are other things to consider here pertaining to the driver’s liability. The crash was at night — so did the driver have his or her lights on? Did both of the headlights function properly, or were one of the bulbs out? Did the driver make an illegal traffic move, putting the pedestrian in unnecessary danger?

Ultimately, though, this story is about the pedestrian. His or her life likely will never be the same, and he or she will incur a mountain of medical debt attributed to an accident that may have been caused by a negligent driver. A personal injury lawsuit could earn the pedestrian the compensation he or she needs to help pay off these bills.

Source: WCTV, “Pedestrian hit in Evening Accident,” Oct. 25, 2013

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