Birth Injury

  • Deaths Caused by Birth Injuries 3% 3%
  • Birth Injuries Caused by Medical Errors 31% 31%
  • Birth Injuries Caused by Complications 66% 66%

Lawsuits involving cerebral palsy, brain damage and birth injuries are complex, thus it is imperative you hire an experienced birth injury and medical malpractice lawyer.

Causes of Birth Injury

When the obstetrical health care system fails, babies born with birth injuries are often the victims. In many situations, the mother’s health is endangered as well as the child’s. Lack of communication among caregivers, lack of understanding of complex medical issues related to pregnancy and birth, and inattentiveness of overworked nurses, technicians, and obstetricians have all been identified as causes of birth injuries.

Experienced birth injury attorneys at Perry & Young Law Firm are tough, aggressive and highly knowledgeable advocates representing babies and their families injured during pregnancy, labor or delivery. Call us at 850-215-7777 for a free consultation.

For nearly 30 years Perry & Young Law Firm Law Firm has specialized in obtaining justice for the following negligent actions resulting in cerebral palsy, brain damage, HIE or other birth injuries:

  • Failure to monitor or respond to fetal distress
  • Failure to have emergency protocols in place in the event a C-section is required for any reason, including oxygen deficiency or cephalopelvic disproportion
  • Faulty handling of a baby whose shoulders become lodged in the mother’s pelvis during delivery
  • Misuse of forceps and vacuum extraction devices during delivery
  • Problems such as placental abruption, premature rupture of membranes, uterine ruptures
  • Errors made during prenatal care, including misdiagnosis of risk factors such as gestational diabetes or preeclampsia
  • Infections suffered by mother or baby
    Mistakes made by obstetrics nurses, technicians, midwives or other personnel
  • Harm related to dangerous drugs, overmedication or medication errors before or during labor

Our Job Is To Help You Cope With The Costs Of Birth Injuries.

The task of a diligent birth injury lawyer is simply this: to help the injured infant and affected parents cope with the costs and challenges of care, therapy, and accommodations of a disability such as severe cerebral palsy. With nearly 30 years of successful verdicts and settlements, The Perry & Young Law Firm is here to examine your unique situation carefully and deduce if you have a case for damages.

With offices in Panama City, Tallahassee and Marianna, Florida, our law firm provides caring representation for those who need it most. We help our clients through extremely difficult times and fight for maximum compensation for injuries resulting from any type of personal injury including:

Our lawyers take a team approach to our personal injury casework, often using trusted accident investigators and reconstructionists to build solid cases that produce results.

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